Sorghum Series

The SORGHUM Principles is an individual and organizational Growth series that is inspired by the amazing Sorghum Seed that is equipped with a Dormancy Strategy and several other physical attributes that allow it to not only survive drought and heat-intensive environments, but it thrives when other crops perish within the same conditions. Like this remarkable seed, you too can become SORGHUM-READY!

ber webinar series

​​Masala works with businesses, organizations and non-profits across the country in the development of customized Training Series. Take a look below at the Monthly Webinar series available to BER.

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What’s Your FLAVA?          

[Personality & Communication System]

Connecting the Dots:
[Self-Discovery and Career Planning]

The Perfect Pick:[Professional Development and Career Readiness]

Beyond Diversity to Leversity:[Leveraging our Differences to Make a Difference]

Ten Things the 21st Century Worker Needs to Know:[Competing in today’s marketplace]

The Masala Principle:[Building Teams where Success is the Routine and not the exception]

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Training and development describes the formal, ongoing efforts that are made within organizations to improve the performance and self-fulfillment of their staff, teamS and members through a variety of educational methods and programs. An effective training and development program offers a variety of benefits, including reduced turnover, a decreased need for supervision, increased efficiency, and improved morale and fundamental effectiveness. All of these benefits are likely to contribute directly to a company's or organization's fundamental effectiveness and viability. An effective training program is essential to your company's or organization's SUCCESS! Let us help you POWER UPTM  your Training Program! Take a look at some of the featured MASALA Training Sessions



Organization: On course?

The ORGANIZATION: ON COURSE?  training provides an understanding of the vitally important preliminary stages of organizational development by presenting the Mission, Vision and Value Statements as strategic tools to ensure that your organization is truly "On Course" on its journey.

Additional offerings in this series are:

what's your flava?

The What’s Your FLAVA?®, Personality & Communication SystemTM equips you to be a Transformational Communicator. Our personalities are comprised of our Feelings, Likes, Attitudes, Values and Actions or FLAVAs. This system is being utilized by a wide array of people to  transform their personal and professional environments.

the perfect pick

The Perfect Pick Training Series will explain the rules, the strategies and the players of the games played within the workplace. It is not a matter of whether you are actually good enough, but whether you are positioned well enough to be thePerfect Pick!

the ten things...

The Ten Things Training Series is designed to educate you, prepare you and ensure that you not only compete in the ever-changing 21st century global marketplace.Times have truly changed. Iconic companies have fallen and legendary brands have faded.Commerce and “work” have been re-engineered. And employment has been re-imagined while demands of the new-age worker have been redefined. Planned-obsolescence is a termed once used to describe products in the previous century. Now, a new term of unplanned-obsolescence is being used to described an outdated worker.

connecting the dOts

The Connecting the Dots Training Series is designed to educate you, prepare you and ensure that you not only reach your destination, but that you also enjoy the Journey. It begins with, knowing your code, knowing your mode and knowing your road!

MASALa Webinars

Masala knows that training and development can be expensive for small businesses and organizations. We offer a variety of online training sessions to meet your budget and schedule.

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  • What’s Your FLAVA?TM
  • Connecting the Dots
  • On Course?TM Series          
  • Ten Things Series
  • Think Like Your BossTM
  • The Perfect PickTM
  • Power UP!TMTrain-the-Trainer
  • Greatness is Overrated & Excellence is Unnecessary
  • Leversity TM
  • The Masala PrincipleTM
  • Vision BuilderTM
  • Human Alchemy TM
  • The Morpheus Effect TM