Each year, U. S. companies spend more than $150 billion on employee training. So, why do they spend so much? Well, it is because they need it so much. If you can improve the performance of your people, then you improve the performance of your company. Unfortunately, most training programs do not produce the performance results needed. At Masala, we view training differently. And we are different by design.

Welcome to the innovative world of Masala Training.  In Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine, there are a few basic spices. A chef’s prowess is determined by how well he or she is able to blend those basic spices into virtually unlimited combinations. So, the term “masala”, refers to the ability to take spices and blend them artfully.

Likewise, our 
Masala Training Philosophy is predicated upon the belief that you “take what you have and create what you want.” This not only applies to business situations, but also to your personal lives and relationships. At Masala, our innovative training experiences are designed to teach you how to artfully blend your current human “spices” into the combinations of employees and teams that you truly want and need to achieve your mission-critical goals.

​Masala Training utilizes a dynamic-engagement methodology called the Power UPTM  approach which incorporates the principles of the Four Immutable C’s and illustrates the need to Listen Differently, Hear Better and Understand More.


masala    methodology

Learn to...​listen differently, hear better andunderstand more

Masala's Power UPTM Training Program can educate, energize and equip your people. We provide training on team building, all HR topics, strategic planning, board development, effective communication...just to name a few. We also have a program designed to help your company or organization Train the Trainer in order to POWER UP your total training program.

 Power UPTMTraining is Dynamic Engagement that is​:Purpose-Driven 
Win-win-win based
Engaging & Energizing